Journey with us.

Join us in prayer, in worship, in Bible study, individually, and corporately starting on September 25th. 

This season of Heart Renewal is an intentional time where we are seeking the Lord to do a new work in each heart.  This a 28 day journey and will conclude with the Lord's Supper on Oct. 23rd at 10:45am. 

"Will you not revive us again,

that your people may rejoice in you?"

Psalm 85:6



This is an effort to plow the soil of your own life and ministry, seeking for God to do what only He can do. 

Click the link below to download the 28 day prayer guide. 

The Journey
to Heart Renewal

1. Consider inviting someone to take the journey with you.

2. Consider testifying to what God is doing in your life to friends, family and even on social media... remember, there is no arrogance when you are bragging on God.

3. Invite someone to church in this season. 

4. Consider daily what God might do in you and then through you!

5. Consider Fasting from something over this 28 day journey. 

Fasting is temporarily refraining from food, a type of food, activity, or expense to gain a greater humility and hunger for God. 

"Fasting is a means by which we add highlighter to our prayers.”

Group Planting a Tree